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Short Cuts
#234 The CBC’s Very Dumb Lawsuit
The CBC sues the Conservative Party of Canada for copying them! Plus, Toronto journalists and writers push back on the kind of space public libraries should be. 
Short Cuts
#233 Our Revolting Democracy
That debate. The rumour mongering. The memes. Does Canadian democracy have to suck this hard? A lament. And PostMedia finally responds to our investigation - or somebody’s.
Rumours Of A Suppressed Globe Story About Justin Trudeau Are Bullshit
There is no evidence that Trudeau was once fired for an affair. There is no gag order. There is no Globe story.
Canadian Government Fooled By False Report About Canadian Government
Privy Council Office circulated article from less-than-credible Buffalo Chronicle as though it were a legitimate news story
The Buffalo Chronicle Is Not A Reliable News Outlet
Yet people who should know better keep sharing their stuff