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#798 Pardon My French
What's in a word? Especially when that word carries with it the pain of hundreds of years of racism? This week we talk about how the controversy over the public use of the N-word plays out differently in French and English in this country.
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#797 Wet Hot Antitrust Summer
Three telecoms in a trench coat and other Canadian oligopolies. And we need a new playbook when it comes to engaging with Pierre Poilievre. Vass Bednar co-hosts
#3 Le coût de l’expression
Plus d’une cinquantaine de têtes d’affiches de Radio-Canada contestent la décision du CRTC concernant l’utilisation du ‘mot en n’ sur l’émission radiophonique Le 15-18 en août 2020. Puis dans le climat politique actuel, quelle est la conversation autour des fêtes nationales dans les médias ? Emilie Nicolas anime cet épisode de Détours avec Vanessa Destiné. English: More than 50 well-established Radio-Canada employees disagree with the CRTC's decision regarding the use of the 'n-word' on the radio show Le 15-18 in August 2020. And considering the current political climate, what does the media conversation surrounding national holidays look like? Emilie Nicolas hosts this episode of Détours with Vanessa Destiné. 
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#3 Big Telecom, Big Quebec
Who's bigger: Canada's telecom giants or Quebec?
Three New Ways the Canadian Government Plans to Regulate the Internet
From cracking down on harmful content to making Facebook and Google pay up for news
#361 Will Government Media Rules Strangle Canadaland?
In Australia, the news disappeared from Facebook. And Jesse got very worried about the future.
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#248 Return Of The Conservative Rapper
The Heritage Minister doesn't seem to understand his own plan for regulating the internet (or not), so we break it down for you. And a group that doesn't exist just ran a major political ad campaign in the country's top newspapers. The National Post's Chris Selley co-hosts.
#310 Why Is The CBC So Schitty?
How the CBC is losing friends and alienating Canadians
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#240 Purified By Hatred
More details have emerged about Warren Kinsella’s secret work to expose Maxime Bernier as a racist. And what’s at stake as the CBC renegotiates its licence to broadcast in Canada?
#295 Big Media’s Plan To Regulate The Internet
Are we really considering CanCon for the internet?