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#895 We All Died In a Tiny Submarine
Do the billionaires on the missing Titan submarine deserve sympathy or scorn?
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#843 God Save the Tweets
Why Twitter should be run more like a newsroom and a look at the Twitter Files. And the latest in CTV’s Lisa LaFlamme story and who was left out of the narrative. Jan Wong co-hosts. 
Corus aired paid address from Alberta premier without disclosure
Smith worked for broadcaster for years
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#821 Quebec Election Pop Quiz
Emilie Nicolas and Toula Drimonis break down the Quebec election for those outside of the Quebec bubble
#818 CTV Workers On Workplace Abuse
Lisa LaFlamme was but one CTV News employee. Dozens more speak to us about a toxic workplace where abuse, bullying, and burnout have allegedly been normal. This culture comes from a deliberate corporate plan. In one case, the consequences may have been fatal.
Bell Media employees: ‘Let’s Talk’ about CTV’s toxic, abusive workplace
Sources say insufficient mental health support was a factor in the death of a colleague.
Executive who fired LaFlamme “taking leave” from CTV
He's decided "to spend time with his family"
“It was very well-sequenced” – Bell Executives Face Angry Staff Over LaFlamme Ousting
"So it had nothing to do with her age, her gender?"
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#807 Keeping LaFlamme Alive
What's really behind Lisa LaFlamme's abrupt departure from CTV National News? And John Derringer's years of alleged workplace abuse at Toronto's Q107 and the straw that broke the camel's back for ending his show. Teri Hart co-hosts.
Bell Executive Who Fired Lisa LaFlamme Interfered With CTV News Coverage, Says Colleague
"He doesn't like it when women push back."