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Canadian Media Makes A Mess Of Covering The Transgender Community
Too often, trans people get invoked in the abstract, rather than having their real stories heard.
Quebec Media Shuts Racialized People Out Of Discussions Of Racism
"Where does this idea of systemic racism in Quebec come from? Are we living under apartheid?" asked a white pundit on an all-white panel.
Here’s What CBC Staff Told Their Bosses About The Need For Diversity
Union credits CANADALAND piece for exposing "years of virtual inaction" and prompting staff to write management.
Lack Of Inclusive Muslim Media Lets Islamophobia Flourish
"In the largest city in Canada, there doesn’t seem to be a single Muslim-led paper of substance or wide distribution."
CBC’s Adrian Harewood on Why He Talked to CANADALAND About Diversity
This week, CANADALAND published an article by Farnia Fekri outlining how diverse the CBC is compared to the Canadian population. One of Fekri’s...
Just How White Is The CBC?
Despite a federal mandate to reflect the “multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada,” around 90% of staff at Canada’s public broadcaster...
#128 The Ethnic Aisle
The Ethnic Aisle is a crowdfunded digital magazine tackling issues of multiculturalism, diversity, and race in Toronto and the GTA. Chantal Braganza is the managing editor of The Ethnic Aisle and a digital media producer at TVO. Guest hosted by Scaachi Koul.
Short Cuts
About that thing with Scaachi...
George Elliott Clarke: A Polyphony of Canadian Blacknesses
The Parliamentary Poet Laureate talks about working for a pioneering black MP, Canada's multitude of black histories and his problem with telephone companies.
White Men Gotta Speak On This
Editor-in-chief of the Walrus Jonathan Kay and cultural critic September Anderson talk about whether white men are being stifled by political correctness. Oh, and wtf is political correctness anyway?