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Short Cuts
#905 The Blame Game: Reckoning With Anti-Racism Training
When anti-racism training goes wrong. Really, really wrong.
Black Square Bandits
In the media, Black men are victims, perpetrators, entertainers, athletes — but rarely the authors of our own stories, in life or in death
Former Beijing Correspondent: Why Only One Woman of Colour in 62 Years?
"I'm really angry about all this time that I ended up being a one-time-only exception to the white male parade," says Jan Wong
Adrian Harewood On Three Decades Of Fighting Systemic Racism In Media
The CBC anchor refuses to have his humanity debated
#330 A CBC News Anchor On Systemic Racism At Work
Adrian Harewood is a news anchor at CBC Ottawa News and the host of weekly current affairs show, Our Ottawa.
Campus Papers Show What A Diverse Media Landscape Could Look Like
Women of colour leading student newsrooms hope to carry change into overall industry
#305 Researchers Just Proved The Media Is Too White
Canada's newsrooms are whiter than ever.
Canadian Media Should Recognize Itself In Trudeau’s Racism
Not only is the country's media unequipped to cover racism such as Trudeau’s — it is actively perpetuating it
We Need To Talk About Jessica Yaniv
When stories like this break, trans folks aren't given a seat at the table, but we’re left bearing the responsibility of being spokespeople...
Canada’s White Punditry Lets Us Down On The SNC-Lavalin Scandal
Imagine how different our country would be if newspaper columns and TV panels weren't dominated by former political staffers and lobbyists