Lack Of Inclusive Muslim Media Lets Islamophobia Flourish
Lack Of Inclusive Muslim Media Lets Islamophobia Flourish
"In the largest city in Canada, there doesn’t seem to be a single Muslim-led paper of substance or wide distribution."

At the same time that Canada’s anti-Muslim movements are being emboldened by demagogues in politics and the press, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) will be holding an intensive media-training session in Toronto. One way to counter such prejudice, a spokesperson for the civil liberties and human rights organization says, is through an inclusive body of Muslim-centric media production and engagement.

Saturday’s “Talking to the Media with Confidence” workshop, part of a semi-regular series, aims to give tools to Muslim Canadians who want to be more engaged with the media to better shape the stories that sculpt the wider representation of their communities.

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