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Short Cuts
#125 #Mansbridge150
The Toronto Star put the final nail in the coffin of Star Touch, its $20-30-million app for a device that most people don't have or use. And, after praising themselves for its bold innovation, quietly laid off 30 journalists.
Short Cuts
#119 Changing Of The Guard
Hal Niedzviecki and Jonathan Kay have left their jobs. Steve Ladurantaye's been shifted to a lesser role at CBC. And no, we're not finished talking about this yet.
Jonathan Kay out at The Walrus
The editor-in-chief submitted his resignation Saturday
The National Post Published An Op-ed By An Authoritarian Government
And the paper's former opinion editor ain't happy about it
The Cushy Connections Between The Walrus And The Liberal Party Of Canada
The time has come, The Walrus said, for talk of sunny ways.
#72 Why Is The Walrus So Boring?
And why is it so white? Editor Jon Kay answers.
#21 Jonathan Kay Defends Rex Murphy
The pundit won't talk, but his National Post editor will.