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Short Cuts
#267 Consequence Culture
Can you really be “cancelled” if you still have a platform? A look at Margaret Wente, Wendy Mesley, and the Mulroneys. And was the Nova Scotia shooter an RCMP informant?
Short Cuts
#219 The Pleasure Of Margaret Wente
Pour one out for Margaret Wente: she's leaving the Globe. The Irvings tighten their grip on New Brunswick news, and some Toronto councillors are learning not to cross Warren Kinsella.
The Wente Plagiarism Bot
One of our intrepid readers, who asked to stay anonymous, is happy to let us to take credit for his work. He built us a Wente bot.
Yet More Instances Of Plagiarism From Margaret Wente
Margaret Wente appears to have plagiarized at least four times from three different publications in her recent columns in addition to the two cases of...
#32 Jan Wong Isn’t Over It
The betrayed reporter is still fighting the Globe and Mail.