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#241 Reporting In Ottawa Vs. Reporting In Washington
BuzzFeed’s Paul McLeod has covered politics in both capitals.
Which Canadians Lost Tons Of Followers In Twitter’s Fake-Account Purge
Big accounts tend to accrue fake followers no matter what. But there are also services that sell them.
The Liberals’ New Freedom-Of-Information Bill Is Garbage
Somehow, the government appears to have found a way to make the system even worse.
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#83 Oh God, Fine, Let’s Talk About Israel
COMMONS hosts Vicky and Supriya join Jesse to talk about an MP publicly shaming a comedian, Canadian Press's flawed story on extremist literature in Mosques, and yes... Israel.
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#57 #Ghomeshi: The Eggs Awaken
The Twitter eggs are emboldened by coverage of the Ghomeshi trial. Jen Gerson co-hosts.
Rosemary Barton is the Hero We Deserve
Rosemary Barton is the host that Evan Solomon never could be. She actually asks good questions, she's not obsessed with her own dumb slogans. Just...
#85 The Tim Hortons “Boycott” Fiasco
Last week a Conservative strategist fooled the media into thinking there was a popular, grassroots movement to boycott Tim Hortons on behalf of the oil industry. There was not. BuzzFeed Canada's politics editor Paul McLeod revealed the scheme, and talks to Jesse about how reporters get played by people in politics all the time.
Michael Chong’s Reform Act is Easy to Hate. So Why Does the Media Love it?
How well are be being served by our political media if they can’t be bothered to get both sides of a story if that other side is coming from the...
For Evan Solomon, Elizabeth May’s Speech was a Democratic Crisis
For some reason, Elizabeth May's drunken press gallery speech was treated as the most important story in the country. To Evan Solomon, our whole...
Why CANADALAND: COMMONS is possibly the worst thing for Canadian politics
A member of the Press Gallery on why ignorance is not bliss.