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Chantal Hébert
It's possible that Chantal Hébert's journalism once held Canada together. She joins Jesse for a discussion about what's appropriate in political news coverage, and what (if anything) needs to change.
These guys are the hosts of CANADALAND’s new Politics Show
Desmond Cole and Andray Domise are the co-hosts of CANADALAND:COMMONS, our upcoming weekly politics show....
#46 Soknacki
David Soknacki is the opposite of Rob Ford: he's skinny, sober and thoughtful. But is the political press too sensationalized for a candidate with substance to get noticed?
SOURCE: Globe Editorial Board endorsed Wynne Liberals, was overruled
The Globe and Mail Editorial Board unanimously agreed to endorse a minority Liberal government for the Ontario provincial election but was overruled...
#17 Susan Delacourt
How did Stephen Harper dodge the Senate scandal? Why did the press let him?