For Evan Solomon, Elizabeth May's Speech was a Democratic Crisis
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For Evan Solomon, Elizabeth May’s Speech was a Democratic Crisis
For some reason, Elizabeth May's drunken press gallery speech was treated as the most important story in the country. To Evan Solomon, our whole democracy was in crisis.

In the aftermath of her rambling and off-the-rails speech at the Press Gallery Dinner, Green Party leader Elizabeth May embarked on a Monday mea culpa tour of the various media outlets to try and explain herself, and to offer apologies all around for what transpired. Not that any of it was actually scandalous — mostly rambling, but a bit profane in places, but nothing that should cause the level of consternation that it seems to have resulted.

Despite appearing on all of the major networks in the morning, May nevertheless appeared again on the afternoon panel shows where she got to repeat, once again, her lengthy apologies for not having slept enough, flu medication, wine with dinner, and for trying to be edgy, playing against type (type of course being the self-proclaimed “Miss Goody-Two-Shoes of Parliament”) and falling flat on her face. She was not the first leader to have a bad speech at the Gallery Dinner, and we are pretty sure that she won’t be the last.

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