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Author Of Anti-Immigrant Vancouver Sun Op-ed Explains How It Got Published
Mark Hecht says he was inspired to submit to the Sun because of similar writings on diversity by columnist Douglas Todd
Short Cuts
#226 Postmedia’s Hard Right Turn
More cuts at Canada's largest newspaper chain; this time to journalistic independence, open discourse, and a healthy work culture. And was the swearing, spitting Scheer supporter part of a media hoax? Former National Post reporter Rebecca Tucker co-hosts.
You Must Be This Conservative To Ride: The Inside Story of Postmedia’s Right Turn
A plan to muffle moderate voices at Canada's largest newspaper company has created confusion and uncertainty in newsrooms across the country.
Postmedia Expects $8-10 Million Per Year From News Bailout
And Torstar estimates that it will get about $6 million
Why The Canadian Government Is Already Giving Millions Of Dollars To News Organizations
It has nothing to do with the coming bailout
Postmedia Wants To Join Jason Kenney’s War Against Environmental Activists
The newspaper company has hired the UCP's campaign director to lobby for participation in its new "energy war room"
The National Post’s Bruce McArthur Victim-Blaming
What is revealed by a deeply unfortunate headline error conflating killer and victim
Sun Hires Conservative Operative With No Journalism Experience As New Editor-in-Chief
Former Rob Ford chief of staff Mark Towhey will be replacing James Wallace, who left to become deputy chief of staff for Doug Ford
Sun Covers Wrong Butts
Postmedia falls for parody account that was barely even trying
Postmedia’s Deep Ties With The Company Jeff Bezos Has Accused Of Extortion
Canada's largest newspaper company shares about 80 per cent of its ownership with controversial American Media Inc.