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How a Conservative Radio Host Came to Accept that He is a Settler
Charles Adler on learning about and living with Canada's legacy of Residential Schools
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#288 A Working Class Hero Is Something To BBQ
A petulant sandwich slinger gets attention as restaurants struggle across the country. A Global News Radio host quits over threatening messages about herself and her baby, while the company says dealing with trolls is part of the job.
Global News Radio Investigating Mike Stafford For Offensive Tweets
Stafford tweeted Monday that he expected to be fired
Global News Radio Correspondent Calls Detained Migrant Children “Actors,” Dismisses Alan Kurdi Photo As “Staged”
Lou Schizas later walked back the remarks, expressing regret that "a handful of people were offended"
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#89 The Plight Of The Fragile White Man
White fragility on the radio and coverage of the government revoking citizenship with VICE Canada's Manisha Krishnan.