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Shree Paradkar out as Toronto Star’s Ombud on Discrimination and Bias
Shree Paradkar's management role has been eliminated
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#915 Parents, Peterson and the Pronoun Panic
With more provinces jumping aboard the prejudiced pronoun panic, Jesse and Karyn pick apart the misleading narratives that are helping fuel it.
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#859 John Tory and His Sin City
A tasting menu of scandals from Ontario’s municipal and provincial governments, with a newsroom scandal thrown in for kicks.
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#753 Wrong 2: Wrong Harder
Angry, bias-confirming echo chambers seem evident this week when it comes to the Freedom Convoy. And "a Toronto star at the Toronto Star" dies this week and Jesse dares to speak ill - or at least some truth - about the dead. Maclean's senior writer Paul Wells co-hosts. 
Toronto Star Columnist’s Homeless Cosplay Experiment is Journalistic Malpractice
Rosie DiManno goes undercover to become a poverty tourist
“It was like it never happened”
That time the Ontario government paid a group of women to cut themselves off, smoke punishing amounts of cannabis, and weave belts
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#285 Facebook Fangoria
Beware of the FANG! And how to cover Chinese infiltration — or anti-Chinese infiltration?
#339 Shree Paradkar
The Toronto Star’s new internal ombud tells us what the job is, discusses power and race in the newsroom, and responds to that reply all email.
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#274 Reply-All Rosie
What might Jesse and Erin O’Toole have in common? And newsrooms continue to struggle with what it means to respond to this summer’s reckoning with racism. Chatelaine Executive Editor Denise Balkissoon co-hosts.
“Degrading And Aggressive”: Star Newsroom Rises Up Against Rosie DiManno
More than five dozen journalists sign letter to management demanding condemnation of columnist's "hateful, racist reply-all email"