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#45 Trudeaumania?/Gender Parity/Mounties vs. Vice
Ben Makuch, Vice's national security reporter, discusses Trudeau's cabinet swearing in, CBC's The National's gender parity panel, why the Mounties are out for Ben, and J. Kelly Nestruck's brush with New Zealand sports reporting.
VICE “Punked” Freelancers for “Boob Video,” says Globe Reporter
After a topless Femen protester crashed a Quebec cabinet minister’s press conference late last month, some reporters in the Quebec Parliamentary...
Short Cuts
#19 New Hosts/Montreal Protests/Daily VICE
Desmond Cole and Andray Domise, the hosts of CANADALAND's upcoming weekly Politics podcast, talk about the Montreal student strike and VICE's daily newscast
Short Cuts
#10 Dean Blundell/Racist Winnipeg
Scaachi Koul of Hazlitt talks about tolerated abusers and intolerable headlines.
Vice Canada Introduces Hip New Human Rights Violation
Respecting human rights is a total buzzkill, especially when your company is run by two fat, forty-something male billionaires who think Bill Maher is...
#18 VICE: An Oral History
VICE's Montreal origin, remembered by those who were there.