In U.S., WE Charity Spent Money On Kielburger "Friend," Board Member's Firm, Republican Strategists
In U.S., WE Charity Spent Money On Kielburger “Friend,” Board Member’s Firm, Republican Strategists
What we've learned about WE's main American entities, whose address is a law firm in an office park outside Buffalo

Two United States-based entities of the WE organization have spent over $3 million (U.S.) on consultants since 2014, including payments to political strategists, marketing companies, and several hundred thousand dollars to a change-management specialist whom the Kielburger brothers have publicly referred to as their “life mentor” and “trusted friend.”

The fees are part of millions of dollars in annual expenses incurred by WE Charity (U.S.) and the ME to WE Foundation (U.S.), according to annual filings with the state of New York’s Charities Bureau and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The entities are incorporated separately from their Canadian counterparts.

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