Women Who've Left the Globe and Mail
Women Who’ve Left the Globe and Mail
Here's a list of women who've chosen to leave editorial positions at the Globe and Mail in the last three years.

Here’s a list of women who’ve chosen to leave editorial positions at the Globe and Mail in the last three years:

Caroline Abraham
Siri Agrell
Martina Blaskovic
Jill Borra
Danielle Boudreau
Elena Cherney
Tonia Cowan
Jocelyn Currie
Celia Donnelly
Stephanie Ditta
Carley Fortune
Colette Griffin
Sue Grimbly
Tiyana Grulovic
Kathryn Hayward
Kate Hammer
Marina Jiminez
Kate LaRue
Sheree-Lee Olson
Jessica Leeder
Sarah Lilleyman
Kim Mackrael
Sandra Martin
Anne McIlroy
Cinders McLeod
Katherine O’Neill
Katrina Onstad
Tralee Pearce
Tara Perkins
Lisa Priest
Lorraine Sommerfeld
Carol Toller
Bettyane Track
Anne-Marie Travers
Julie Traves
Rita Trichur
Christina Vardanis
Sonia Verma
Amy Verner
Emily Vezer
Dawn Walton
Patricia Wilson

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