'Antifa' Knife Attack Claim By Anti-Muslim Internet Personality Challenged By Witnesses, Police
‘Antifa’ Knife Attack Claim By Anti-Muslim Internet Personality Challenged By Witnesses, Police
Did protesters assault Freedom Report's Kevin J. Johnston, or did he assault them?

An alleged assault covered by the Ottawa Citizen and National Post may not have happened as reported. Kevin J. Johnston, an online media personality of Canada’s anti-Muslim right, claims he and his cameraman were assaulted by ‘Antifa’ members, resulting in the arrests of four individuals who are facing several charges. The incident took place last Saturday, before the “Million Canadian March” on Parliament Hill that was erroneously reported by Breitbart as a rally of 5000 Trump supporters. In reality, a generous estimate of attendees would place the crowd size at 200.

Both the National Post and the Ottawa Police Service treated Johnston’s version of events as credible, despite contradictions in his account. Ottawa Police arrested individuals pointed out by Johnston, despite being told by others present that Johnston initiated the violence by assaulting a young woman. Charges, including assault with a weapon, were laid against individuals identified by Johnston.

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