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#244 Iran So Far
We’ve heard so much from south of the border about Iran, but how are Canadian media treating this conflict? And The Fifth Estate delivers some spurious reporting on “Birth Tourism” and Antifa.
Right-Wing Commentators With A Persecution Complex Is Nothing New
A man aggressively grabbed a Sun journalist’s hat, the Sun demanded it be a dominant story in that week’s news cycle, and the...
No Protest is Genteel: On Antifa
Live from Vancouver: We speak with organizers Garth Mullins and Annie Ohana to unpack what it means to resist fascism in BC. Featuring Hadiya Roderique and guest host Sandy Garossino.
What Journalists Should Keep In Mind Covering Anti-Fascist Protests
A camera being smashed shouldn’t immediately draw battle lines.
‘Antifa’ Knife Attack Claim By Anti-Muslim Internet Personality Challenged By Witnesses, Police
Did protesters assault Freedom Report's Kevin J. Johnston, or did he assault them?
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