CBC Documentary Edited by Insurance Company
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CBC Documentary Edited by Insurance Company
Last week, the CBC aired Volunteers Unleashed, which is great because it's a well made and important documentary that should be seen. But gone are critical mentions of Me to We, and in one case the CBC appears to have misrepresented the opinion of one of its own interview subjects by adding a voiceover that contradicts what she said.

We told you a couple weeks ago about Volunteers Unleashed, a CBC doc that was pulled right before it was first set to air. The CBC told us the documentary was delayed due to “copyright issues.” The charity Free the Children told us that they “raised concerns” about “unauthorized footage” but that the CBC assured them the doc was not critical of Me to We, their for-profit retail and voluntourism sister organization.

It seemed pretty important to both parties to assure us that this was NOT about suppressing a critical documentary. Just copyright. Move along.

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