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The White Saviors
Chapter Four – Crimes In Kenya
Kenya was the jewel in the crown of the WE Organization's global empire. It's where they took celebrities and CEOs for life-changing "experiences" with needy children, followed by stays in their 5-star luxury beach resort. It's also where WE co-founder Marc Kielburger hired a private security firm staffed by an ex-Israeli military operative and a Sri Lankan fugitive to deal with Kenyan employees who he thought were robbing or blackmailing him. They in turn accused Marc of kidnapping them and financial misconduct. This is an explosive tale of death threats, bribery and corruption in a country where WE was supposed to be helping.
CBC Documentary Edited by Insurance Company
Last week, the CBC aired Volunteers Unleashed, which is great because it's a well made and important documentary that should be seen. But gone are...
Here’s the Footage that got a CBC Doc Pulled off the Air
CANADALAND has acquired a copy of Volunteers Unleashed, the CBC documentary on the "dark side" of voluntourism that was yanked from the broadcast...
Why did the CBC Just Pull an Exposé on ‘Voluntourism?’
UPDATE APPENDED (MARCH 20th, 1:45 pm) ...