CBC Often Reports Competitors' Scoops Without Credit
CBC Often Reports Competitors’ Scoops Without Credit
“In our bureau, we tend to shake our heads and chuckle at how often CBC uses the ‘CBC has learned’ on other news organizations’ scoops," says Robert Fife, The Globe's Ottawa chief

On Sunday, April 29, CBC’s The Weekly with Wendy Mesley opened with a report concerning an American far-right paramilitary group that had expanded north of the border. “An investigation done by The Weekly can reveal that the Three Percenters have come to Canada,” Mesley declared at the show’s outset.

Not mentioned however, was that Vice Canada journalist Mack Lamoureux had already conducted an eight-month investigation into the same group, which culminated in an exhaustive exposé published last June. The Weekly rehashed much of the same information originally reported by Lamoureux. No significant new details were provided, yet the segment did not credit the Vice reporter or his work.

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