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No, Don Cherry Isn’t Selling Penis Pills

From copying the CBC website, to claiming female anchors are leaving to start a skincare business, CANADALAND explains the tricks scammers use to target Canadian media consumers

The CANADALAND Guide To New Popular, Populist Political Media

A wave of new operations will be looking to sway voters in the lead-up to this fall’s federal election

Ontario Proud’s Election Advertising Was Mostly Funded By Developers

Nearly all the funds received by the “grassroots” group came from several large corporate donors

Maker Of Patrick Brown Conspiracy Videos Was Handed $10,000 Cheque By Patrick Brown Associate

Anti-feminist vlogger Diana Davison was quietly hired to conduct “research” into allegations against Brown

The Case Of TIFF’s Disappearing Louis C.K. Podcast

After The New York Times published its exposé on the comedian, TIFF scrubbed traces of a love-in at the 2017 festival.

How TIFF Rejected A Documentary Exposing Sexual Abuse In Hollywood

In 2014, the Toronto International Film Festival turned down An Open Secret. Now, its makers wonder whether the festival may have played a part in upholding Hollywood’s culture of silence.

Right-Wing Commentators With A Persecution Complex Is Nothing New

A man aggressively grabbed a Sun journalist’s hat, the Sun demanded it be a dominant story in that week’s news cycle, and the mainstream media obliged.

Mike Bullard Launches Defamation Suit Against Chatelaine

The former talk show host wants the case to be heard by a jury in Oshawa

A Closer Look At The Libel Notices Mike Bullard Served Three Journalists

We examine the merits of the claims and the likelihood the threats will result in the filing of actual lawsuits

Which Canadians Lost Tons Of Followers In Twitter’s Fake-Account Purge

Big accounts tend to accrue fake followers no matter what. But there are also services that sell them.