An Awkward Conversation With The "Halloween Ethno-police" Author
An Awkward Conversation With The Author Of That “Halloween Ethno-police” Piece
There was something that didn’t quite track about Kate Jaimet’s story.

“My culture is not a costume.” Six words, easily understood, which could help avoid the most tiresome perennial conversation in existence.

And yet, by mid-to-late-October every year, we find ourselves here again. So it was timely that the Toronto Star ran an article on the 15th by Kate Jaimet — an Ottawa Citizen reporter turned children’s author — called “The Halloween ethno-police frighten me.” In the piece, Jaimet claimed that, a few years ago, her daughter was sent home from preschool for dressing up as a “Native princess,” and recalled her daughter as “baffled,” unable to comprehend why such a beautiful costume could cause offence.

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