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Tackling The History Of Slavery, Québécois Style!

July 12, 2018

What’s Wrong With White People Pretending To Be Musical Black Slaves? Answer: Everything. And the 18 year old story of the then goateed dude-bro, now prime minister, copping a feel at a west-coast beer fest that we don’t to talk about. Ever. again.

An Awkward Conversation With The Author Of That “Halloween Ethno-police” Piece

October 31, 2017

There was something that didn’t quite track about Kate Jaimet’s story.

CBC Executive Demoted After Pledging Money For “Appropriation Prize”

May 17, 2017

Steve Ladurantaye had apologized for his “dumb, glib tweet,” but the CBC decided it had become too much of a distraction

Indigenous Resistance Has Reached A Tipping Point

May 16, 2017

Thanks to social media, the Canadian establishment may no longer have a choice but to listen.

Cultural Appropriation Is An Inherently Political Act

May 16, 2017

Appropriation is the buzzword in the news this week, as a misguided editorial was followed by a white elite up in arms on social media. In the end, two prominent magazine editors were gone from their posts, and the debate about the under-representation of non-white voices in Canadian media got significant traction. But Commons is a … Continued

Can’tlit (My Stories)

May 15, 2017

The “Appropriation Prize” is equal to the assailant being told to “stop” — and they, out of pure vindictiveness, keep going, harder, deeper, just because they can.

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