A History of Activist Columnists at the Toronto Star
A History of Activist Columnists at the Toronto Star
What was different about Desmond Cole?

“Providing a public and privileged platform for individual voices — in the pages of Toronto’s biggest daily, no less — is a journalistic trust held dear at The Star. This despite the fact all the usual reporting rules — objectivity, balance, the writer staying out of the way of the story — are turned on their head, a critical distinction of column writing that many readers continue to misunderstand.” — Rosie DiManno, reflecting on the role of the Toronto Star’s columnists at the time of the paper’s 110th anniversary, November 6, 2002

For much of its existence, the Toronto Star has touted the “Atkinson Principles” as its guiding light for editorial policy. Among its points are support for social justice, individual and civil liberties, and community and civic engagement. Like many columnists the Star has showcased over the past 125 years, Desmond Cole’s work fits within these contours.

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