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How far will Canada go to support the free press?

If Canada’s leaders are serious about press freedoms, they will demand an impartial investigation into the killing of Al Jazeera’s Shireen Abu Akleh

The Toronto Caribbean Magazine that Spreads Far-Right Conspiracy Theories

The media company boasts favourable People’s Party of Canada interviews and suggests COVID-tests are a secret vaccine-delivery system

Canadian Media Focuses Foreign Correspondents in the West. Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

Newsrooms must move beyond their idea of the “Canadian audience.”

The Canadian Company Hosting the Far Right

There’s a new home for the worst people on the internet.

The Toronto Sun’s Islamophobia Problem Is Even Worse Than You Might Think

No longer does one have to trawl the darker corners of Reddit for anti-Muslim conspiracy theories

You Don’t Have To Talk About Muslims When You Talk About Mass Killings

In the aftermath of the Toronto van attack, some mainstream media commentary has overlapped with themes propagated by far-right platforms

Lack Of Inclusive Muslim Media Lets Islamophobia Flourish

“In the largest city in Canada, there doesn’t seem to be a single Muslim-led paper of substance or wide distribution.”