Leaked memo confirms that Globe and Mail wants journalists to write advertorials
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Leaked memo confirms that Globe and Mail wants journalists to write advertorials
Globe executives want to monetize the integrity and reputations of The Globe and Mail’s journalists – the same award-winning reporters and editors that management proudly (and rightly) claims are vital to the enterprise’s future as a powerful, independent, fearless and profitable news organization.

CANADALAND has obtained the following document, marked as “intended only for members of the Local 87-M bargaining unit at the Globe & Mail” and containing direct passages from a proposal presented to media union Unifor by Globe and Mail management, vetted by Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley. It appears to confirm what was previously reported by J-Source and The Albatross: Globe management wants journalists to generate articles directly paid for and approved by advertisers, or at least is asking for such as a feint in the bargaining process.

Here is the document in its entirety:

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