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The Backbench
#2 Justin Trudeau Has No Friends
The conflict of interest and ethics commissioner weighs in on the meaning of friendship; is Prime Minister Trudeau home free from WE? And the government steps into a legal battle over the Line 5 pipeline.
When Your Councillor Spams You On Facebook
A listener thinks a city councillor is using his platform to make money. The councillor gets philosophical. We get to the bottom of it.
Peter Mansbridge Officiated the Wedding of Justin Trudeau’s Director of Communications
Did you see Peter Mansbridge's report on Justin Trudeau? Yes, the one where they ride on a bus.
Did a Liberal Campaign Make an Issue of Opponent’s Non-Mom Status or Did Ricochet Botch a Story?
Oh God, this is needlessly complicated. Deep breath and here we go:
Wynne Waters Down own Bill, Benefiting own Libel Suit
A recent change to legislation proposed by Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government to stop frivolous defamation lawsuits will leave anyone currently...
Why the CBC’s Amanda Lang Review is Horseshit
Yesterday, the CBC released its review of Senior Business Correspondent Amanda Lang. It stinks. Let us count the ways...
The Larry’s Gulch Visitor Logs from 2008-2014
Here they are. The Larry's Gulch fishing logs from 2008 to 2014.
What the Hell is Going on in New Brunswick?
So what the hell is going on in New Brunswick?...
The CBC’s Kathy Tomlinson speaks on the record about Amanda Lang
CBC journalist Kathy Tomlinson is a key figure in our reporting into Amanda Lang's conflicts of interest. Until this point, she has not provided...
Is the CBC lying to us or is Amanda Lang lying to the CBC?
Why is the CBC speaking on behalf of Amanda Lang about her dealings with the Globe and Mail?