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“It’s the colonizers that have to decolonize themselves”

Graphic journalist Joe Sacco on Paying the Land

Hunting Nazis Online Before It Was Cool

Nah, it was always cool

The CBC fired a reporter who tried to blow the whistle on systemic racism

The broadcaster acted improperly when they combed through the employee’s private messages for evidence of a leak, arbitrator rules

“It’s the colonizers that have to decolonize themselves”
Hunting Nazis Online Before It Was Cool
The CBC fired a reporter who tried to blow the whistle on systemic racism
Essential Voices: Working in the Pandemic
The Best And Worst Tweets Of 2020
WE Charity Faked Its Own Death
The President of the CBC Lives In Brooklyn
Vancouver Papers Sold News Coverage To UBC, Documents Reveal
All Of The Rebel’s Ongoing Lawsuits Against The Media
“Regulatory Mischief”: WE Charity In Kenya
The “Get Out Of Jail” Card That Comes With A Price
WE Charity Ending Canadian Operations
“It’s Either A Terrible Mistake Or Something More Sinister”
What Does WE Charity Actually Do?
Barbara Kay “Stepping Away” From The National Post
WE Charity Moved Millions To Private Kielburger Company
What’s The Deal With WE Charity’s Accounting Department?
Finance Minister Bill Morneau Also Tied To WE Charity
Trudeau Family Paid Hundreds Of Thousands By WE Organization
Crime And Fraud At WE Charity In Kenya
“Canada Not Racist,” Declares 73-year-old White Man
Canadaland Media’s 2019 Transparency Report
All Our 2019 Corrections And Clarifications
Ghomeshi’s Back
That Time Vice Paid A “Hacker” $5,000 For A Fake Rob Ford Story
An Oral History Of Nardwuar The Human Serviette
The Reporting Gap In The Wet’suwet’en Crisis
Daily Hive Dinged $1,000 For “Coming Unprepared” For Trial
The Best And Worst Tweets Of 2019
Is The Agony Of Twitter Worth It For Young Journalists?
Court Strikes Down Doug Ford’s Attack On Student Groups
CBC Had Employee Delete Tweet Critical Of Don Cherry
Freshdaily Lays Off Entire Editorial Staff Two Weeks After Launching
What We Deserve To Know About People In Power
Kinsella, Postmedia, And The Paid Campaign To “Seek And Destroy”
The CBC Has Damaged Rosemary Barton’s Brand, And Its Own
CBC Radio And The Creep Of White Supremacy
We Have Seen This Before In BC
Canadian Media Should Recognize Itself In Trudeau’s Racism
There Is A Second Photo Of Justin Trudeau In Brownface
How Ezra Levant’s Globe Op-ed Got Published
Vancouver Sun’s Editorial Standards The Real Danger To Social Trust
Author Of Anti-Immigrant Vancouver Sun Op-ed Explains How It Got Published
Young Journalists Have Heard Enough About “Fake News”
Before Trudeau, Gerald Butts Abandoned Tar Sands Action As Head Of WWF
We Need To Talk About Jessica Yaniv
Is The Government Really Doubling The Size Of The Media Bailout?
Global News Radio Investigating Mike Stafford For Offensive Tweets
Postmedia Expects $8-10 Million Per Year From News Bailout
Canadian Media Is Getting A Bailout. Its Freelancers Aren’t.
Where Is The Disability Beat In Canada? 
Inside The “Cult” Of Kielburger
Anti-Canadaland Article Linked To Republican Strategy Firm
Canada’s Media Was Always Going To Dismiss Genocide Against Indigenous Women
Why Are We Still On A Witch-Hunt For “Marxists”?
How (Not) To Report On Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
In Smearing Julian Assange, Our Press Have Become Hypocrites
StarMetro Vancouver Has A Union, But Not A Contract
The National Post’s Bruce McArthur Victim-Blaming
Faith Goldy Pissed Off The Wrong Lawyer
Where Are These Weird Anti-Canadaland Stories Coming From?
Canadaland 2018 Transparency Report
All Our 2018 Corrections And Clarifications
Canada’s White Punditry Lets Us Down On The SNC-Lavalin Scandal
The Buffalo Chronicle Is Not A Reliable News Outlet
Gavin McInnes Banned From Twitter, Again
Quebec Media Contribute To A Climate Of Hate And Intolerance
Things The Globe And Mail Would Probably Rather Forget
Ginning Up Native Outrage
Everybody Loves Butts!
Sun Covers Wrong Butts
BuzzFeed Is Unionizing In Canada, And It’s Giving Us All The Feels
Torontoist Sold To Daily Hive For Undisclosed Amount
Founder Of SPLC-designated Hate Group Rejoins Rebel Media
An Optimist’s Guide To Starting Out In Canadian Journalism
The Far-Right Grassroots Movement Taking Over Canada
Sun Boss Goes To Work For Doug Ford
WE Wants To Sue CANADALAND In Manitoba
No, Don Cherry Isn’t Selling Penis Pills
The CANADALAND Guide To New Popular, Populist Political Media
The Best And Worst Tweets Of 2018
Sun And Star Out Sex Worker
Saint John Deputy Mayor Wants Ban On “Negative” News
Ontario Proud’s Election Advertising Was Mostly Funded By Developers
New Federal Initiatives For Canadian Journalism
How The Kielburgers Handle The Press
Are Student Journalists “Real” Journalists?
A Guide To Faith Goldy And How (Not) To Report On Her
Fact-Checking Jian Ghomeshi’s Comeback Attempt
The Case Of TIFF’s Disappearing Louis C.K. Podcast
How TIFF Rejected A Documentary Exposing Sexual Abuse In Hollywood
Right-Wing Commentators With A Persecution Complex Is Nothing New
David Pecker Steps Down From Postmedia
Q&A: Global’s Troy Reeb On “Multi-Market Content”
Mike Bullard Launches Defamation Suit Against Chatelaine
What We Know About The Assault On Sun Photographer Stan Behal
A Growing List Of People Who Have Renewed Ties With The Rebel
How The Toronto Sun Serves To Advance A Bigoted Narrative
Barbara Kay Quotes Neo-Nazi To Justify Attack On Trans Identity
What Happens When Another Media Outlet Takes Your Name
Postmedia’s Connection To Donald Trump
How Postmedia Defeated A Union Drive At The National Post
CBC Often Reports Competitors’ Scoops Without Credit
CBC Increasing Security At Toronto HQ Following “Incel” Threat
How The Far Right Spun The Toronto Van Attack As Islamic Terrorism
These Appear To Be The Toronto Sun’s Provincial Election Plans
What’s Going On With CJFE
What’s Happening To The Online Archives Of Metro Ottawa And Winnipeg
CBC Repurposes Advertisement As Programming
Facebook Still Doesn’t Get It
The Most Important TV Show In Quebec Has No Equivalent In English Canada
Torstar Owns Company Running Dozens Of American Gun Forums
Sikh Perspective Too Often Missing From Canadian Coverage Of Sikhs
All The Mistakes We Made In 2017
CANADALAND 2017 Transparency Report
“Fine, Don’t Take It, That’s Your Choice. Don’t Work.”
Untangling The Reporting On Patrick Brown
Confessions Of A Former Toronto Star Intern
Toronto Star Suspending Internship Programs Indefinitely
Gerald Stanley And The Fear Of The “Indian”
New Brunswick Student Paper Laughs Off Critics Of Nazi Op-Ed
The Curious Case Of Maclean’s Government Grants
I Went To The Canadian Mosque Where Six Muslims Were Killed
Canadian Media Makes A Mess Of Covering The Transgender Community
The Best And Worst Tweets Of 2017
Despite Everything, I Still Want To Be A Journalist
How A False News Report Sparked An Islamophobic Backlash In Quebec
Inside Bell’s Push To End Net Neutrality In Canada
The Mystery Of The Missing Canada 150 Project
Government Watchdog To Review Postmedia-Torstar Deal
The King Of Canadian Conservative Shitposting
The Campaign Against Canada’s Largest Pro-Nazi Newspaper
Student Journalists Caught In Crossfire Of Ontario College Strike
Why Recipes From Chefs Are A Food-Media Scam
Tabatha Southey Heads To Maclean’s, Opens Up About The Globe
The Liberals’ New Freedom-Of-Information Bill Is Garbage
Quebec Media Shuts Racialized People Out Of Discussions Of Racism
In Defence Of Ad Hominem
Rebel Media Loses Another High-Profile Contributor
Nova Scotia Paper Shows How Not To Report On Suicide
What Journalists Should Keep In Mind Covering Anti-Fascist Protests
For Future Use: An Obituary For Conrad Black
Globe And Mail Axes Tabatha Southey, Leah McLaren
Globe And Mail Cutting Weekday Arts, Life, Sports Sections
Lack Of Inclusive Muslim Media Lets Islamophobia Flourish
Quebec News Aggregator Shuttered Following Court Injunction
What CBC Radio Gets Right
Ezra Levant Announces Plan To “Reboot” The Rebel
Here’s What’s Wrong With CBC Radio
Former Rebel Contributors Accuse Ezra Levant Of “Doxxing” Them
Faith Goldy Fired From The Rebel
Gavin McInnes Leaving The Rebel
Ex-Rebel Contributor Makes Explosive Claims In YouTube Video
The Rebel Cruise Has Been Cancelled
A Growing List Of People Who Have Cut Ties With The Rebel
We Talk To Patreon’s CEO About Why Lauren Southern Got Banned
Why Lauren Southern Got Banned From Patreon
Ezra Levant Goes On Alex Jones’s Infowars
Resisting The Post’s Effort To Demean Indigenous Knowledge
Rebel Media Admits To Plagiarism By Former Correspondent
How Canadian Media Normalizes Islamophobia
Toronto Star Shutting Down Star Touch
Canada Is About To Get A Press-Shield Law
We’ve Been Barred From The Rebel’s Conference On Saturday
Toronto Life’s Troubling Tropes About People Of Colour
The Racist Rhetoric Barbara Kay Champions As “Courageous”
Rebel Media U.K. Correspondent Found in Contempt of Court
A History of Activist Columnists at the Toronto Star
Indigenous Resistance Has Reached A Tipping Point
Can’tlit (My Stories)
Jonathan Kay out at The Walrus
National Post pulls down, rewrites op-ed on Muslim charity
Xpress Yourself
The Rebel’s Role In #MacronLeaks
Inside McGill University’s Andrew Potter Meltdown
Senate Unanimously Adopts Canada’s First Press-Shield Bill
Ezra Levant Shows How To Lose Friends And Alienate People
How Jewish Media Excludes Jewish Voices
Alberta Magazine Publisher Having Trouble Paying Its Employees
Here’s What Happens When Rebel Hosts Get Drunk And Talk About Jews
How Justin Trudeau Is Failing Journalists
Correcting The Record On Refugee Crossings
Kevin O’Leary Is Still Being Paid To Talk Politics On U.S. Cable TV
All Of Our 2016 Corrections (And One Clarification)
CANADALAND 2016 Transparency Report
Rogers blocked text messages containing the word “uber”
How to make a lazy narrative fit your desired hot take
Alexandre Bissonnette and the evil of normalcy
A Year On Strike At The Chronicle Herald
Reaction To Joseph Boyden’s New Interviews
Correcting Christie Blatchford
Things Joseph Boyden Has Claimed To Be But Is Not
CANADALAND’s Most Read Stories Of 2016
Why I Question Joseph Boyden’s Indigenous Ancestry
The Walrus Inflated Its Circulation To Government Grant Org
In Ontario, A VIP Health Program
CBC Publishing Advertorials
In Quebec, French-Language Media Aren’t Talking About Accessibility
CBC Wants Lawsuit By Iranian Refugee Outed In Doc Dismissed
No One Really Knows How Diverse Our Private Broadcasters Are
Canadian News Coverage Of HIV Assaults Proven To Be Racist
Media Unions Demand Postmedia Executives Hand Back Their Bonuses
Ottawa Talk Radio Host Set to Fundraise for Ontario PC Candidate
Globe Admits Diamond Mine-Funded Story On Diamond Mine Lacked Balance
Blacklock’s Reporter Copyright Case Tossed
Facebook Privacy Case Tests ‘True Consent’ in Online World
CBC Threatens Developer, Blocks Podcasts From App
Québec Spying Terrifyingly Legal, For Now
Writer Quits Rabble Over Pulled Blog
Police Spied On Reporter To Find If His Sources Were Cops
Author Wants Censored Story Pulled From The Walrus
Yellowknife Reporter Acquitted Of Obstruction Charges
For Fiction At The Walrus, Fewer Swears
Freelancer Accuses The Walrus Of Stealing Her Pitch
How Newsrooms Avoid Paying Benefits
In Saskatchewan, Even the Media Donates to the Ruling Party
Vancouver Talk Radio Host Fired After Trainwreck Interview On Race
Theatre Critic Fired From Georgia Straight After 30 Years
Fact Check: No, You Won’t Be Jailed For Using The Wrong Pronoun
Reporting Monsef’s Story Without Context is Irresponsible Journalism
Is This The Worst Cartoonist In Canada?
We Found Out How Much the CBC Really Pays Mansbridge
Email Challenges Narrative of Raveena Aulakh’s Death
CBC’s Adrian Harewood on Why He Talked to CANADALAND About Diversity
Just How White Is The CBC?
Publishing Company In Alberta Owes Freelancers Thousands
Newfoundland Premier Blocks Pikachu From Press Conference
Bell Media Radio Hosts Ordered To Keep Quiet About Marineland
Yellowknife Court Reporter on Trial for Obstructing Police
Meet the New Host of the Imposter
Stop Laughing At Us, Says CBC Comedy Site
What I Learned From Being in a Focus Group Led by Bruce Anderson
Toronto Star’s Managing Editor Leaves the Newsroom: Memo
Music Industry Rep Hired by Copyright Office
NOT SORRY: Wayward Ducks
The Wente Plagiarism Bot
NOT SORRY: Blogosphere Witch Hunt
No End In Sight For Chronicle Herald Strike
Yet More Instances Of Plagiarism From Margaret Wente
NOT SORRY: Pretty Gouda Journalism
“I’m in,” Says Ghomeshi Witness on Calls for Appeal
NOT SORRY: Why Don’t We All Just Leave?
NOT SORRY: Zapping Purple Peppers
The Imposter is on hold
NOT SORRY: Peacock Pose
Ghomeshi Judge’s Son Works for Marie Henein’s Brother
Outside of Canada, Media has a Different Take on Ghomeshi
NOT SORRY: Everything Is Bad (Puppies Inside)
CBC Internal Memo Short on Promises to Re-fund News With New Money
NOT SORRY: MansbridgeMightBeMyDad33
Retired Theatre Critic Returns as Advertorial Writer
NOT SORRY: Trudeau Thirst Week
NOT SORRY: Spiralling Downwards
Are Canada’s Newspapers Too White? Most Refused to Say
NDP Refuses Press Access to “Scab” Reporters
NOT SORRY: Steak and Gossip
Political TV And Women: The Unsurprising Stats
Jian Ghomeshi is Back on Facebook
When Your Friend Is On the Stand at the Ghomeshi Trial
Why Did Jian Ghomeshi Keep Lucy DeCoutere’s Letter?
Roosh V, A Noted Misogynist, Is Trying To Threaten Journalists
Thoughts on Lucy DeCoutere from Jesse Brown
NOT SORRY: Libel-free Gossip
Walrus Violated Charity Rules, Says Magazine’s Co-Founder
Scott Gilmore and the “Imaginary Indian”
NOT SORRY: Scooby Doo Villain Godfrey
CANADALAND 2015 Transparency Report
Postmedia Axes 90 Journalists, Merges Newsrooms Across The Country: Memo
Star Touch Layoffs Begin
NOT SORRY: Zero-dollar target
Journalist Fired For Correcting Error in Radio-Canada Story
NOT SORRY: Canada’s Next Top Model
When Government “Sources” Spin You, Do You Have to Correct?
Emails: Vice Altered Story to Protect “Relationship” With Rogers
An Open Letter From Furlong’s Accusers to Prime Minister Trudeau
Police in Western Canada Don’t Collect, Release Racial Data
“I Remember John Furlong”
Reporter Who Quit Over “NDP Whore” Article Speaks Up
Meltdown at the Walrus
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Why Did 8 Million People Fail To Vote?
Why did Krista Erickson’s Hit-Piece on Kory Teneycke Disappear?
Andrew Coyne’s Troubles at the Post
Andrew Coyne v The National Post
Community News Election Stories You May Have Missed
A Drunk Guy And A Stoned Guy Debate Legalization
Let’s Radicalize Climate Change!
‘My Culture Is Seen As Barbaric’
Vancity Buzz wants to be better
White Trolls in Canada: Don’t Read the Comments
The Shock Absorber
I Was a Polaris Juror, and It Sucked
Why is the Star Touchy About Star Touch?
When Polls Take Over the News
Crime Scene Coverage Suffers as Police Scanners Go Dark
#HairGate: What Really Happened
Buck 65 Breaks Silence on Assault Allegation
I Was Bounced from a Buck 65 Book Signing
Calling Bullshit on Buck 65’s Book about Bullshit
Jonathan Goldstein’s Wiretap: an Appreciation
John Geiger and Stephen Harper
I was a Canadian Geographic Intern
The Sad Story of Canadian Geographic
Christie Blatchford is the Worst
Bill C-51 to Face Charter Challenge in Superior Court
Mulcair Against Energy East, But Not
Women Who’ve Left the Globe and Mail
Paul Watson vs. the Toronto Star
Men Who’ve Left the Globe and Mail
Women Editors are Fleeing the Globe and Mail
Rosemary Barton is the Hero We Deserve
Did Raekwon Loot Canada for an $11,000 Music Grant?
University of Toronto Boasts about Homeless Star Student
Barbara Amiel Goes Full Racist
Hockey’s Rape Culture
Ghomeshi’s Accusers are Dreading Kevin Donovan’s Book
Sorry Music Journalists, Drake is Black.
CBC Not Totally Sold on Armenian Genocide
Bell Media Licensed An Event That Could Kill 4,000 People
RCMP Bans Reporter due to his “Disrespectful Tone”
What You Should Know about CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi Report
CBC’s Top Brass Silent on Ghomeshi’s Coverup Claim
CANADALAND Strong-Armed me into Writing this
Montreal Journalists Can’t Count
Duffy, as Senator, Paid Journalists
These guys are the hosts of CANADALAND’s new Politics Show
CBC Documentary Edited by Insurance Company
Why I’m Done Being a Media Critic
Journalist Laura Robinson Vindicated
Why Canadians Can’t Watch HBO’s Scientology Doc
PostMedia Kills Cartoon & Gags Staff on SUN Deal
Wynne Waters Down own Bill, Benefiting own Libel Suit
Here’s the Footage that got a CBC Doc Pulled off the Air
Why did the CBC Just Pull an Exposé on ‘Voluntourism?’
Which Reporters Don’t Bother To Encrypt Email?
Dear White Editors: Invite Someone Out for a Coffee
Thanks for Explaining Racism to me, White People!
Why the CBC’s Amanda Lang Review is Horseshit
The Larry’s Gulch Visitor Logs from 2008-2014
What the Hell is Going on in New Brunswick?
Everyone at Sun News Deserved to be Fired
Toronto Star’s Head of Investigations Stands by HPV Story
The Toronto Star’s HPV Reporting is a Disaster
Global News Disappeared a Koch Brothers Exposé
Global News Kills Koch Brothers Story, Fires Journalist
Radio is Not TV Minus Pictures
Defending Leslie Merklinger
CBC Puts Reality TV Exec in Charge of New Radio
Vice Canada Introduces Hip New Human Rights Violation
Sun News on 8 week Deathwatch
CBC Newsroom threat: “snitches get STITCHES”
The time I “faked” a CBC scene
Is the CBC lying to us or is Amanda Lang lying to the CBC?
I am not Charlie Hebdo
Government Blocks Website that Reports on Government
CBC hears no evil, scrubs Ghomeshi from archives
How fees for public records block journalism and hide corruption
Why I helped the CBC
What Management Knew about Jian (pt.1)
CBC’s Ghomeshi Investigation a Cover-up Before it Begins
EXCLUSIVE: CBC “stonewalled” Snowden story, says Greenwald
CBC’s Abandoned “Casual” Workers Grow a Pair (Quebec Only)
You Know What Russell Smith Should try Writing About? Hipsters.
The Smug Dick letters
SPIKED: Harper visits, ignores North
Fear and Loathing in Canadian Television
Cartoon Sweatshop
Inside MTLBlog
The Score
MuchMusic isn’t dead, but we should probably kill it
Did ROGERS sell your data to the police? They won’t say.
LEAKED: CBC’s Digital Strategy and Employee Q&A
CBC News Boss Attacks Journalist
Ricochet vs. Rabble
VIDEO: The Food Trend Guy
SUN grills job applicant about her political beliefs
CBC brass “encouraged” Peter’s paid oil gigs
Oil Sands Group Confirms Paying Peter Mansbridge
Rex Murphy and Big Oil: The National Post responds
Gavin McInnes Has Some Problems With Me
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