Braden Chong and David Schwartz are young cooks sweating out long, back-breaking days. And they eat a lot. Along with other young cooks in Toronto, they document their high-carb staff meals and late night eats on Budsnacks, a communally shared Instagram account

Host Corey Mintz joins Braden and David on a double-breakfast eating spree—jumping from a mountain of chicken feet and turnip cakes at Dim Sum King to more fancified plates cooked up by Schwartz at his new restaurant, Omaw — where they talk about navigating the industry, learning how to avoid being exploited by chefs, and then, how to avoid exploiting cooks once you become the chef. Basically: how to grow up and survive in the restaurant industry, while eating your weight in dumplings.

Illustration by Deshi Deng.

This episode is sponsored by Foodora, Canada’s #1 food delivery app.

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