In Smearing Julian Assange, Our Press Have Become Hypocrites
In Smearing Julian Assange, Our Press Have Become Hypocrites
Journalists should focus on why Assange matters on the issue of press freedom instead of attacking his character

Now that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has finally been carted off to a high-security London prison, just as he said he would be, it’s been an eerie spectacle watching the fourth estate discredit and smear the man who once helped them set the table so they could partake, publish, and profit. News consumers can only reach these conclusions: Assange is a narcissistic man with hygiene issues; a Russian pawn who steals government secrets; someone who deserves to be arrested for running away from sexual-misconduct investigations; and, besides, he’s not really a journalist.

Calling out the state for taking a giant step towards criminalizing journalism hasn’t yet worked its way into mainstream Canadian news cycles, let alone lit up debates around pundit tables.

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