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Sarah Polley on the Myth of the “Mad Genius”
"We think somehow you can't really be a genius unless you're that ruthless"
The Radicalization of Corey Mintz
How a lifestyle reporter became a labour reporter, without ever leaving the food beat
An Overview of Organized Crime Across Canada
How different cities figure in the criminal underworld, as explained by the authors of The Wolfpack
A Different Kind of Lab Leak
While investigating the origins of Covid, author Elaine Dewar turned up new details about China's relationship with Canada's most secure virus lab
Taxi drivers: “Chess masters of their own lives”
A new book considers the "practical genius" of Canada's cabbies
#300 An Argument With Robyn Doolittle
Major announcement about what's next for Canadaland on this episode.
Fatima Dhowre
Comedian Fatima Dhowre recounts her many near death experiences. Aliya goes in search of the house that Nickelback built.
Remembering Subservient Chicken
Author Pasha Malla recommends one of his favourite novels, the song that makes him speed, the band he was overly keen towards and an athlete's face.
Short Cuts
#95 CanLit Clusterfuck
Co-host Sheila Heti talks about signing, then retracting her name from a letter that's put the CanLit scene in turmoil. And should CBC go ad-free?
Buck 65 Breaks Silence on Assault Allegation
CANADALAND first reached out to Terfry with questions this past April. We received no response. We asked again last week, seeking comment through his...