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Who got paid from Trudeau’s $23.5 million media assistance fund?
Canadaland has obtained a list of the recipients
Explainer: Canada’s News Bailout, and what Facebook and Google have to do with it
Your guide to QCJOs, RJOs, and a bunch of other things with confusingly similar names
#770 Google And Facebook To The Rescue: Canadian News Gets On Big Tech’s Payroll
Canada is two years into its news media bailout. How the policy has had both good, bad and unintended consequences.
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#769 The Ukraine War Correspondent In Edmonton
Fact-checking the war in Ukraine. And the ‘Pay Me for Clickbait Act’ - sorry, the ‘Online News Act.’ Olena Goncharova co-hosts.
The low bar for accessing government news subsidies
Publishing hateful or inaccurate content is not necessarily disqualifying, says chair of the advisory board that determines eligibility
#768 “We Are Not The Journalism Police” – An Interview With The Journalism Police
Canada is two years into its news media bailout. Transparency was promised, instead we got secrecy.
Which media were included in Trudeau’s $10 million top-up fund
Government subsidies for selected news organizations keep growing.
Which Media Benefitted From The Trudeau Government’s Covid-19 Funds?
Heritage ministry added over 30 million dollars in 'recovery' funding to undisclosed media recipients
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#699 The Invisible Enemies of Alberta
A draft of the anti-Alberta inquiry was leaked and didn't find what it thought it would. And Facebook is partnering up with The Globe and Mail and Jesse wants in. Writer Sandy Garossino co-hosts.
#328 Should Big Tech Bail Out The News?
The pandemic could be an "extinction event" for American newspapers and so their publishers want their own government bailout. Meanwhile Canadian papers want money from Google and Facebook, too.