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How to make a lazy narrative fit your desired hot take
When Muslims and their allies believe that a white supremacist is responsible for a tragedy, it's because they want hate crimes taken seriously. When...
Alexandre Bissonnette and the evil of normalcy
The media treats white, male terrorists as the exception. Perhaps it should be the rule.
Tom Mulcair: Hot Prosecutor or Wet Napkin?
Tom Mulcair's leadership review, corrupt Quebec politics and a ton of free advice on how the government can become more open.
#122 The Dismantling of Claude Jutra
Is it ok for an anonymous sexual assault allegation to destroy the reputation a beloved cultural hero?
Barbaric Cultural Practices
Andray Domise, guest-host Supriya Dwivedi and Ishmael Daro talk about the Zero Tolerance For Barbaric Cultural Practices Act, the new Quebec secular legislation, and the massacre in Charleston.
VICE “Punked” Freelancers for “Boob Video,” says Globe Reporter
After a topless Femen protester crashed a Quebec cabinet minister’s press conference late last month, some reporters in the Quebec Parliamentary...
#24 The Notorious P.K.P.
Media King, Separatist Billionaire