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Emails: Vice Altered Story to Protect “Relationship” With Rogers
On October 30, 2014 Vice Canada and Rogers Communications announced a $100-million, three-year partnership. On November 17, 2014 Vice Canada published...
Macleans’ “Titillating” Cover Story on Sex Abuse Criticized by the Dancer it Profiled
Serena McCarroll and others spoke out on the record as part of a Macleans cover story on abuse allegations at the Winnipeg Ballet. McCarroll hoped...
A Muslim Physician Responds to a Racist Article in The Medical Post
Rogers publication Medical Journal recently recognized four medical doctors for their religious faith. Three of them were Christians with sterling...
Did ROGERS sell your data to the police? They won’t say.
#31 Your Telecom Provider is Selling your Information to the Government
Internet and wireless companies have supplied private data millions of times.
#30 Canadian Television Is Doomed
The CRTC is unbundling cable channels, but will anyone subscribe to cable TV in 5 years anyhow?
#9 Wireless Wars
How Bell, Rogers, and Telus keep competition out of Canada.
#6 The Big Three Win Again
Tucows CEO Elliot Noss on how Rogers, Telus and Bell are holding Canada back.