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The Imposter is on hold

After we announced Chandler Levack as the host of our upcoming arts podcast, The Imposter, Chandler was offered an opportunity elsewhere. She decided to take the job.

Outside of Canada, Media has a Different Take on Ghomeshi

Canadians weren’t the only ones watching last week’s Ghomeshi verdict. The trial made international headlines, but those writing about it abroad had a very different perspective on the verdict and ruling than that of our news media.

Thoughts on Lucy DeCoutere from Jesse Brown

“At the time she came forward, Lucy had no reason to expect anything but scorn, doubt and anger from the public. She did it anyway.”

CANADALAND 2015 Transparency Report

Here’s how we spent our supporters’ money in 2015.

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Not Sorry is an unapologetic look at the week’s news and media written by Vicky Mochama.
She has only apologized once — for leaving the impression that she would physically fight anyone who contradicted her. The fight would have been emotional but scrappy.
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