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Twelve Million And A Tax Break: What The Globe And Mail Wanted From Justin Trudeau

“I am keen to set up a meeting between yourself and my boss,” the Globe‘s editor-in-chief wrote to a PMO official

The CBC Has Damaged Rosemary Barton’s Brand, And Its Own

“A total lack of political savvy, another boneheaded move,” says one CBC journalist of the broadcaster’s suit against the Conservatives

No Indigenous Journalist Among Debate Moderators. Instead, An Offer To Be A Human “Mic Stand.”

Executive director of APTN News says she was insulted by offer

Everybody Loves Butts!

Canada’s pundit class has been racing to heap praise on Justin Trudeau’s bedraggled ex-consigliere

Sun Covers Wrong Butts

Postmedia falls for parody account that was barely even trying

All Of WE’s Answers To CANADALAND (And Letters From Their Lawyers)

In the course of investigating the WE organization for his feature story, Jaren Kerr approached WE for comment 19 days before publication. In total, WE sent CANADALAND over 100 pages of information.

Fact-Checking Jian Ghomeshi’s Comeback Attempt

Had The New York Review of Books bothered to look into Ghomeshi’s claims before publishing his essay, this is what they would have learned

Daniel Dale On Trump, Bloomberg, And What “Off The Record” Really Means

“I think you can make an argument that the president should never be off the record. Everything he says is newsworthy.”

Facebook Still Doesn’t Get It

Their PR rep may have felt they were reaching out in good faith, but the company can no longer be assumed to be in good faith with the public at all.

What Media Missed In Covering The “Overt Racism” At Lido Pimienta’s Halifax Show

While Pimienta has suffered online abuse, the volunteer photographer who sparked the incident has gone largely unnamed.