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Are Canada’s Newspapers Too White? Most Refused to Say

We sent a survey to eighteen of the country’s largest paid daily newspapers asking them to contribute data about diversity in their own workplaces. Of 18 papers we reached out to, only three filled out answers to the survey.

NOT SORRY: Steak and Gossip

“There’s this terrible myth that Canadians are funny.”

Political TV And Women: The Unsurprising Stats

The people who are asked to speak on panels on two daily national news programs are overwhelmingly male, a snapshot review of guests on CBC’s Power and Politics and CTV’s Power Play has shown.

NOT SORRY: Libel-free Gossip

The story of the week is about a Gatineau man who faces eleven days in jail for not registering his cat despite the cat being a stray and the man caring not at all about the cat.

NOT SORRY: Scooby Doo Villain Godfrey

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in America so naturally Canadians spent the day talking about a white lady. Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau was so inspired by the radical, nonviolent words of Dr. Rev. King that she radically and nonviolently made it all about her.

NOT SORRY: Zero-dollar target

NOT SORRY is fond of unsympathetic loudmouths, so it’s a good week when Kevin O’Leary makes the headlines. It seems the entire oil sector is on Shark Tank so he’s offering one million dollars to the scrappy industry provided they subvert democracy.

NOT SORRY: Canada’s Next Top Model

Canada’s pre-eminent fashion commentators were aflutter about the Trudeaus’ interview in Vogue.