Ontario Proud Frequently Threatens Online Critics With Legal Action
Ontario Proud Frequently Threatens Online Critics With Legal Action
But it appears that the anti-Liberal political group has never gotten to the point of following through.

Some critics of Ontario Proud — an influential Facebook page with over 354,000 followers that is also a registered third-party advertiser for the Ontario election — are accusing the organization of telling them to do as it says, not as it does. Over the the past several months, vocal detractors of the political action group, which impugns the characters of Liberal leaders Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau on a near-daily basis, have been threatened with lawsuits for “libellous” statements made about Ontario Proud on Facebook and Twitter.

The person most recently threatened by Ontario Proud was freelance journalist John Semley, a contributor to publications like The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s (and who has also written for CANADALAND and appeared on its podcasts).

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