Ontario Proud's Election Advertising Was Mostly Funded By Developers
Ontario Proud’s Election Advertising Was Mostly Funded By Developers
Nearly all the funds received by the "grassroots" group came from several large corporate donors

Third-party advertiser Ontario Proud, which describes itself as a “grassroots” operation, received over half a million dollars in donations during the spring provincial election — 89.6 per cent of it from corporations.

Filings submitted to Elections Ontario on Friday show that the top donors to the Facebook-centric conservative advocacy group were Toronto-based housing developer Mattamy Homes, at $100,000; anti-union contractors association Merit Ontario, at $50,000; Nashville Developments, also at $50,000; Opportunities Asia Ltd. at $30,000; and Shiplake Properties Limited at $25,000. Seventeen other companies, mostly related to housing development, donated $10,000 apiece. Of the corporate donations received by Ontario Proud, at least 89.7 per cent came from companies involved in the development and construction industries.

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