Stats Canada co-author shared "sensitive" photos of women – CANADALAND
Stats Canada Co-author Admits To Sharing “Sensitive” Photos Of Women Online
But through his lawyer, Ren Bostelaar denies engaging "in the act of doxxing."

In a Facebook post on Friday afternoon, Ren Bostelaar — one of the people behind the enormously popular @stats_canada Twitter account — confessed to sharing names and “sensitive photos” of women he knows on 4chan’s /b/ message board. Further investigation by those affected has uncovered what appears to be a pattern of behaviour by Bostelaar involving similar actions across multiple websites over more than a decade.

Sometimes called the “asshole of the Internets,” 4chan’s /b/ board is an infamous and highly pornographic manifestation of the web’s unrestricted id, where memes and nudes are swapped in equal measure.

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