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What happens when a “Safe Third Country” is no longer safe?
As the U.S. becomes an increasingly harsh place to claim asylum, Canada is telling more people than ever that that's where they ought to go
How anti-SLAPP laws work in Canada
And how the case of Steven Galloway points to their limits
Getting Divorced in Canada is Terrible
"I don't want to be married anymore — why is this so hard?"
The Campaign to End NDAs
Law professor Julie Macfarlane wants legislation to limit the use of nondisclosure agreements as an all-purpose muzzle
A “Monumental Achievement” For Press Freedom
Court affirms media's right to report at Fairy Creek
The CBC fired a reporter who tried to blow the whistle on systemic racism
The broadcaster acted improperly when they combed through the employee's private messages for evidence of a leak, arbitrator rules
All Of The Rebel’s Ongoing Lawsuits Against The Media
(That we know of.)
The “Get Out Of Jail” Card That Comes With A Price
Case of Indigenous journalist Karl Dockstader points to issues with letting police dictate conditions of release
“It’s Either A Terrible Mistake Or Something More Sinister”
Karl Dockstader on being charged in connection with his reporting on 1492 Land Back Lane
No, Intoxication Is Not A Legitimate Defence For Sexual Assault In Ontario
That's not what the Court of Appeal said, and reporting otherwise is both misleading and harmful