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Sarah Polley on the Myth of the “Mad Genius”
"We think somehow you can't really be a genius unless you're that ruthless"
From Joseph Boyden To Michelle Latimer – Why Does This Keep Happening?
Our gatekeepers keep elevating Indigenous artists with tenuous connections to Indigeneity.
#359 The Convenient “Pretendian”
Michelle Latimer was the buzziest Canadian director and showrunner of 2020. But it all came crashing down in December when a CBC investigation called into question her Indigenous identity claims.
The Case Of TIFF’s Disappearing Louis C.K. Podcast
After The New York Times published its exposé on the comedian, TIFF scrubbed traces of a love-in at the 2017 festival.
How TIFF Rejected A Documentary Exposing Sexual Abuse In Hollywood
In 2014, the Toronto International Film Festival turned down An Open Secret. Now, its makers wonder whether the festival may have played a...
#122 The Dismantling of Claude Jutra
Is it ok for an anonymous sexual assault allegation to destroy the reputation a beloved cultural hero?
#83 Jay & Jesse Solve Canada
Jay Baruchel on the Canadian film & TV racket and how to smash it. Taped before a live audience at the Bloor HotDocs Theatre in Toronto.