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#180 Nice Work, Twitter Mob!
A series of essays by men accused of sexual misconduct, in which they attempt to defend themselves, have appeared in the press lately. Jesse and co-host Anne Kingston tackle that essay in the New York Review of Books, as well as the publisher of Harper's performance on the CBC.
#226 The Great Satan Of The CBC
Richard Stursberg was the most hated CBC executive in recent history. What advice does he have for Catherine Tait, the CBC's new president? And what does he have to say about his own infamous legacy?
#142 Kathryn Borel
Kathryn Borel reveals new details about the Jian Ghomeshi case.
#136 How We Investigate
CBC still has a bullying & harassment problem. Jesse and Jane discuss how they investigated it for their recent report, "Bullying & Harassment Claims Emerge at CBC's As It Happens, TV Sports, and HR."
An Open Response to Christie Blatchford’s Request for Comment
Yesterday (Tuesday May 10) at 3:44pm I got an email from Christie Blatchford, which you’ll find below. I wrote back immediately to decline her...
Short Cuts
#68 Wente/Duffy/Ghomeshi Fatigue
Why Wente, Duffy and Ghomeshi all still matter. Jen Gerson co-hosts.
“I’m in,” Says Ghomeshi Witness on Calls for Appeal
The first witness in the Ghomeshi trial, Linda Christina Redgrave, said she asked the Crown to appeal the case. After CANADALAND reported on a...
What Did Ghomeshi Drive Before A Yellow Volkswagen? A Yellow Volkswagen
The first witness in the Jian Ghomeshi trial repeatedly said she was assaulted in a yellow Volkswagen. Linda Christina Redgrave, as we now know her,...
#130 Trial By Media, Media On Trial
What happens when three lawyers argue with Jesse Brown?
Short Cuts
#64 The Ghomeshi Ruling
Anne Kingston joins Jesse to talk about the ruling in the Ghomeshi trial.