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Ghomeshi Judge’s Son Works for Marie Henein’s Brother
Marie Henein’s brother and Justice William Horkins’ son work at the same firm, Cassels Brock, CANADALAND has learned. To our knowledge, this...
Outside of Canada, Media has a Different Take on Ghomeshi
Canadians weren't the only ones watching last week's Ghomeshi verdict. The trial made international headlines, but those writing about it abroad had a...
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#57 #Ghomeshi: The Eggs Awaken
The Twitter eggs are emboldened by coverage of the Ghomeshi trial. Jen Gerson co-hosts.
Jian Ghomeshi is Back on Facebook
The former CBC host disappeared off social media when the allegations against him first started building, but now he’s back.
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#56 Notes on the Ghomeshi Trial
NOT SORRY writer Vicky Mochama joins Jesse to talk about the Ghomeshi trial, press access to the Liberals and journalists not understanding satire.
Ghomeshi’s Bail Was Quietly Relaxed, Could Leave Mom’s House, Spotted in U.S.
The conditions of Jian Ghomeshi’s bail were changed to allow him to leave the country and move out of his mom’s house, according to documents...
When Your Friend Is On the Stand at the Ghomeshi Trial
It is excruciating to watch someone you care about testify in a sexual assault trial. That difficulty can only increase when you have an assault in...
Why Did Jian Ghomeshi Keep Lucy DeCoutere’s Letter?
Jian Ghomeshi kept Lucy DeCoutere’s handwritten letter to him for 13 years. She was never his girlfriend. They never had sex. Given what we heard at...
Thoughts on Lucy DeCoutere from Jesse Brown
"At the time she came forward, Lucy had no reason to expect anything but scorn, doubt and anger from the public. She did it anyway."
Ghomeshi Witness Won’t Participate With CBC Internal Investigation
CANADALAND has learned that former CBC employee Roberto Verì, the only person who has come forward to say he witnessed Jian Ghomeshi sexually abuse a...