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Who got paid from Trudeau’s $23.5 million media assistance fund?
Canadaland has obtained a list of the recipients
Explainer: Canada’s News Bailout, and what Facebook and Google have to do with it
Your guide to QCJOs, RJOs, and a bunch of other things with confusingly similar names
#328 Should Big Tech Bail Out The News?
The pandemic could be an "extinction event" for American newspapers and so their publishers want their own government bailout. Meanwhile Canadian papers want money from Google and Facebook, too.
Is The Government Really Doubling The Size Of The Media Bailout?
Probably not any time soon
Postmedia Expects $8-10 Million Per Year From News Bailout
And Torstar estimates that it will get about $6 million
Canadian Media Is Getting A Bailout. Its Freelancers Aren’t.
Which part of journalism, the companies or the journalists, does the government really want to support?
#273 The Media Baron Dinner Party Where The News Bailout Was Born
Former CBC exec Richard Stursberg tells Jesse all about it.
How A Meeting Of “Press Barons” Shaped The Government’s News Bailout
A new book by Richard Stursberg reveals that the plan to offer a labour tax credit for news media has its origins in a Rogers-commissioned report, a...
New Federal Initiatives For Canadian Journalism
"Bailouts for all!" BOOOO. "Very well — no bailouts for anyone!" BOOOO. "Hmm… credits for some…. official donation receipts for others!"
#221 Indie Journalists On The Government News Bailout
"I don't want to be trusted by the government."