Barbara Kay Quotes Neo-Nazi To Justify Attack On Trans Identity
Barbara Kay Quotes Neo-Nazi To Justify Attack On Trans Identity
The line, which she and others have misattributed to Voltaire, was originally penned to justify criticism of Jews.

“The philosopher Voltaire famously observed, ‘To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize,'” Barbara Kay wrote at the start of a recent column for Montreal-based news site The Post Millennial. “In Voltaire’s day, it was dangerous to criticize the Catholic Church and its dogmas. In our era, it is dangerous to criticize the Church of Gender Identity and its dogmas.”

The following week, the National Post columnist delivered an identical statement in the introduction to her speech at an event concerning the “Bill C-16 Controversy.” She had also shared the Voltairian epigram in an April 2017 tweet, although the context for that was somewhat less clear:

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