Ezra Levant Goes On Alex Jones’s Infowars

"You’re a real trailblazer in alternative media," Levant tells the infamous conspiracy theorist.

On Thursday, The Rebel further aligned itself with the alt-right when founder Ezra Levant appeared as a guest on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars show.

During Levant’s roughly 17-minute appearance, the two discussed how Christians are being persecuted in the Middle East and how Western countries are supposedly under attack from Muslim refugee “wolves.”

Levant had recently returned from a trip to Iraq.

The Rebel has been increasingly friendly with the American outlet that generates and promotes Trump propaganda and conspiracy theories and that has a regular monthly audience estimated at four million. Rebel personalities like Tommy Robinson and Laura Loomer have been on Jones’s show, and former Rebel correspondent Jack Posobiec also guested many times. Vice co-founder and now Rebel commentator Gavin McInnes also makes regular appearances on Jones’s show.

In the interview, Levant praised Jones as a “real trailblazer in alternative media” of the sort that “we need these days,” and Jones applauded The Rebel, calling it “amazing” and “real journalism.”

“We’re in this together,” Jones said.

Jones has been widely credited for helping President Donald Trump eke out his narrow victory in the U.S. election last year by waging a disinformation campaign. Jones has also caused widespread outrage for propagating outlandish theories, such as that a Washington pizzeria was a front for an underground pedophile ring for Democratic politicians and that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax. Jones has also had former KKK grand wizard and Holocaust denier David Duke on his program for hours, with Jones allowing him to elaborate on his anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and hatred.

Jones apparently took down the clip of Duke’s appearance, but others have since reposted it, and many Infowars fans have sided with Duke in the comment sections, agreeing with his anti-Semitic hatred and blasting Jones as a shill.

When Levant appeared on Jones’s live program, this same anti-Semitic hatred was unleashed from viewers once Levant mentioned that he is Jewish and brought up the Holocaust.

There are many more where these came from.

Some of the heinous YouTube comments included “JEWS TODAY ARE NOT DESCENDENT OF GOD, THEY HAVE NO RIGHTS TO THE LAND THEY STOLE…”, “Accept the African bull into your homes, goyim. If you don’t, you’ll be called a racist”, “Jews slut shame because of their small penis to try and trick sluts into having sex with them,” and “White privellige IS ONLY FOR JEWS” (sic).

CANADALAND contacted Levant for comment, asking why he would appear on Jones’s show despite his odious reputation. We’ve yet to hear back, but we’ll update if this changes.

During the interview, in which the two commentators spewed hatred towards Muslim refugees, Levant was very cordial with Jones. CANADALAND has transcribed some excerpts to demonstrate the kind of company The Rebel keeps.

Ezra Levant and Alex Jones on…

…their admiration for each other:

Alex Jones: Now, joining us is an individual who was successful in libertarian, conservative media in Canada, and of course inside shenanigans went on to blow that up. And he joins us. Ezra Levant founded It reaches hundreds of millions of people now every month. They’ve had their share of folks trying to censor ‘em and shut ‘em down. They’re international. I really admire their lineup of folks, from Tommy Morrison [sic] right through to, uh, Gavin McInnes and so many others. Again, I’m not in competition with The Rebel, I’m glad they’re there. We’re in this together., it’s subscription-based, just like you buy our products to support us, you can just subscribe with them. And you’re building a new media. And the more of us there are, the better. The safer it is. [laughs]

Ezra Levant: Well, Alex, it’s a pleasure to be here and, first of all, thank you for your kind words about The Rebel. You’re a real trailblazer in alternative media. And that’s what we need these days, to cover stories that are off the official narrative. And, Alex, the media and politicians and diplomats never stop talking about Muslim migrants, they call them “Syrian refugees” — most aren’t Syrian, most aren’t true refugees — but ignored are the Christian refugees who are actually at risk of genocide.

…Muslim refugees as “wolves”:

Levant: Politicians, the media, diplomats, NGOs — they favour the Muslim refugees, but they ignore the Christians. I say we’ve got to sort the lambs from the wolves, Alex. Most of the people flooding into Europe are not lambs — they’re wolves!

Jones: Well, even Interpol admitted 80 percent are military-age men. But expanding on that, I’ve seen the statistics where less than one percent — in fact, it was just a few sub-points — of the refugees are Christian, and that Obama jokingly, about a year ago, said, “Well, we just can’t only let in the Christians. We gotta let in the Muslims.” But in truth, he laughed about it because he knows the UN program discriminates and doesn’t even let Christians get out because they’re slated for extermination. Why is that?

Levant: Well, it goes back to the Quran. The Quran talks about converting any infidels. And so when we were in Iraq, we saw an Islamic State edict. Remember, the Islamic State, it’s like a proto-country, so they have judicial announcements, they’re called fatwas. And any Christians in these little towns — these little towns that have been there for more than a thousand years, Alex — they’re given an ultimatum: either flee, pay the jizya tax of submission, or be killed by the sword. So this is rooted in the Quran. And they kill the men; they rape the women.

…the “virtue-signalling leftists” and “halal prostitutes”:

Jones: And under this whole Islamic rebellion, Arab Spring, that the Democrats, the globalists, NATO and others, and the UN have been behind, publicly — military-age men go like on Hajj, basically, but jihad, where it’s like a pillaging, raping vacation, where they go out to earn their bones and have their rites of passage raping, killing, murdering. I mean, this is all admitted, and the UN brags that this is all part of their replacement plan for Europeans. I mean, why is the left so in love with orthodox Islam?

Levant: Well, I suppose it’s the same reason that the left was so sympathetic to the Soviets during the Cold War. Leftists always side with the most acute enemy of Western civilization. Until the fall of the Berlin Wall, leftists sided with the Soviets, um, because they thought, “Well, that’s the counterweight to Western civilization.” Today, it’s radical Islam. So it’s not just that radical Islam is an enemy of the West, it also is an opportunity for these virtue-signalling leftists to show how open-minded they are that they will tolerate their own enemies. What’s so ironic to me, and this is what I never understand, Alex—

Jones: That’s why we’ve seen a lot of these leftist women go to be the sex-pleasure objects — including quite attractive women from all over Europe, the US — go to literally live in fleas and ticks with guys that wipe their butts with their left hands and just stink like pig demons. But they, just women just go and worship the filthiness, and worship the fleas and ticks and lice. I’m not kidding, these women are just loving this! Because I guess they’re so cuckold from men grovelling and kissing their butts in the West and putting ‘em on a pedestal, they don’t like that — but to be savagely just treated like slaves, they love it.

Levant: It’s terrifying in Mosul, which is the big city that the Islamic State recently lost to allied forces. There were some Canadian women who voluntarily went out there. They either go to be halal prostitutes, to service these men, or they’re duped in some way, or they want to be part of the jihad. It’s really troubling, but you make a good point: a lot of these terrorists, they come from the West, go to Syria and Iraq, they get a taste of terrorism: rape, murder, defacing Christian objects—

Jones: And then they come back to Europe and go to the anti-racism concerts to openly rape, and the police just stand there and guard the raping! And then judges rule, “Well, this is a Muslim. He’s allowed to rape. It’s his culture.”

Levant: And the thing is, they’re coming back as battle-hardened veterans, in a way. Because they did it in Iraq and Syria, so they’ve tasted blood, and whatever moral compunction they might’ve had, they’re over it. So they’re numb to violence — they love it, they practise it. And now they’ve returned to the West and throughout Europe, and we’ve seen this. Terrorist attacks in Belgium and France, in particular, have been from ISIS terrorists who learned their trade in Iraq and Syria and have come back to the West.

Jones: And you know what’s crazy — [to viewers] we have Ezra Levant, founder of, amazing television, radio network, news site, that’s reaching tens of millions a day now — we were not exaggerating. I can’t come up with words to describe how much worse it is than we’re saying. Because, by the minute, more insanity comes out. I mean, we have videos in Sweden and Germany of them holding women down and lines of men raping them, and the police are 50 feet away and do nothing. I mean, they literally rape little kids in pools and the police say, “Well, that’s their culture.” I mean, it is just insane asylum. I’m just wondering. And then meanwhile, they’re saying Trump’s a Russian agent because he just killed the Obama program to arm ISIS! We’ll be right back, stay with us.

…Trump, Assad, Russia, the Holocaust, and Barack Obama as a “closet Islamicist”:

Jones: We’ll have [Levant] back on soon about his whole story having his successful, kind of the Fox News of Canada, but more libertarian — how that all got shut down, even though it was successful, and he started this a year and a half ago or so. But just getting back to Iraq and what’s happening, as the final cities of the liberal, globalist, Saudi Arabian-backed ISIS fall — we have the Washington Post saying, “Trump ends covert CIA program to arm anti-Assad rebels in Syria, a move sought by Moscow.” Well, the Pentagon said, “Stop doing it,” five years ago to Obama. So, just because Russia’s aligned and not wanting to back radical Islam blowing up every church, sex-slaving everyone, how does that make Trump bad? I’ve got Democrats all over the news now, saying, “No one’s allowed to talk to Russians! Why, Trump at a dinner at the G20 talked to Putin!” It was a dinner! They seated his wife by him! The G20 did it on purpose, probably, to say Trump was some agent. They’re trying to paralyze the president! [to Levant] How do you think all this is going?

Levant: Well, I tell ya. It has been terrifying that all of these so-called militias in Syria, they have undermined Bashar Assad — who, I’m not going to say he was a good man in any way — but he was at least a protector of the Christians. And without him, look at the anarchy. Same thing in Libya — Muammar Qaddafi — not a liberal, civil-rights lover like we expect in the West — but at least he held back the Islamist wave. Same with Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. So we made the perfect the enemy of the good. I’m not saying I would like to live under any of these Arab dictators, but the hell that was unleashed when they were toppled was far worse. And let me say, the Christian community in Iraq, it really is being ethnically cleansed. That’s why we went over there. Alex, I’m a Jew. And so I looked at this ethnic genocide against Christians through the eyes of someone who understood the Holocaust, and I see so many analogies, and—

Jones: Or the Armenian Genocide! It touches everybody’s heart to just see people being, whole families hunted down, the men killed, the women raped, murdered, thrown away.

Levant: And that’s the thing: Armenia was just north of there, so these Christians have a really tough go. So we went there to document the Christian genocide and to bring a little bit of humanitarian relief. And if people want to see our videos, they can go to We’ve put up about 15 videos, including from these destroyed churches. You can see them at, and if you want to help with our humanitarian efforts, you can do that, too. And I want to tell the story of these Christians, ‘cause so many people ignore it. They’re obsessed with the Muslim refugees. No one’s killing Muslims in—

Jones: You’re absolutely right! And again, the UN’s basically not letting— We should do another video showing— Remember Obama laughing last year, going “Aw, we can’t let the Christians out. We can’t just take care of them.” No, he’s blocking them on purpose because he is a closet Islamicist, it’s been proven!

Levant: Well, and, and, hopefully those numbers will change now that Donald Trump is choosing the refugees, but—

Jones: But like you said, the Christians can’t go to refugee camps to begin with because they’ll be killed by the religion of peace!

Levant: Yeah, that’s true. Well, listen Alex, I appreciate you spreading the word about this, and thank you for your kind words. We’re gonna keep up this fight because it’s, the one group it’s okay to demonize in Western civilization is Christians, and it ought not to be that way, and I know you stand up for their civil rights, and we do, too, my friend.

Jones: Absolutely. Well, folks can find out more again at, and I absolutely, for the nightly news, want to get you back on and review some of the boil-down or highlights of the amazing videos you’ve got posted. This is real journalism, and dangerous, so thanks for doing that, Ezra Levant.

Levant: Thank you, my friend.

Jones has recently announced plans to expand Infowars to make it a more international operation in its fight against the “globalist scum.” This could potentially mean allying with The Rebel, Drudge Report, Breitbart et al. in waging a disinformation war against the Canadian left in the next federal election, much as they have already interloped in the UK’s Brexit referendum and recent French presidential election.

With files from Jonathan Goldsbie.

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