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#895 We All Died In a Tiny Submarine
Do the billionaires on the missing Titan submarine deserve sympathy or scorn?
Let’s Talk About How Bell Is Complicit In The Dehumanizing Conditions Of Ontario Jails
Bell holds the contract for a prison phone system described as "prohibitive, predatory, and outdated"
Inside Bell’s Push To End Net Neutrality In Canada
Documents obtained by CANADALAND reveal a plan to create a not-for-profit corporation responsible for maintaining a blacklist of alleged pirate sites.
Bell Media Radio Hosts Ordered To Keep Quiet About Marineland
“They are an enormous client,” wrote a program director to her staff...
Bell Was the Only Company Considered for Millennial Travel Program Partnership
Neither organization will say how much the deal is worth or whether it was appropriate to strike while Bell is appealing a CRTC decision to the same...
Are the Liberals About to Give Bell a Monopoly on Internet Access?
Last July, the CRTC said Bell couldn’t have a monopoly on its new fibreoptic infrastructure. It would have to sell access to other providers to...
Political TV And Women: The Unsurprising Stats
The people who are asked to speak on panels on two daily national news programs are overwhelmingly male, a snapshot review of guests on CBC’s Power...
Let’s Talk About How My Job at Bell Gave Me Mental Health Issues and No Benefits
Today is Bell Let's Talk day, a corporate initiative from the Canadian telecommunications company to talk about mental illness. I worked at Bell and...
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#46 Canadian News Hall of Fame/Mansbridge’s Wedding Package/Whiny Telecom
Buzzfeed Canada's social news editor Lauren Strapagiel discusses the fabled Canadian News Hall of Fame, Peter Mansbridge's exclusive access to Trudeau, and Bell's pleas to eradicate fairness and restore oligopoly.
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#17 News by Bell/Topless Discourse
A Bell executive gets caught meddling with the news and the debate on Bill C-51 gets distracted by boobs. Conservative cartoonist J.J. McCullough co-hosts.